Whole Health Retreats Suitable for everyone, wherever you are on your journey into perfect health.

Diet - Fitness - Meditation - Pristine Nature

Change yourself, change your life!

Are you ready to get serious about your health? Is it time to put yourself at No 1 and prioritize your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing? Join our Whole Health program and experience a remarkable transformation to vibrant health, inner peace and a celebration of living life to the fullest.

Why join a Whole Health program?

It’s time to disconnect from busyness and make an investment in the peace and tranquillity of our magical hideaway island. Let yourself be guided by world-class teachers, learn to change old habits into exciting new routines, disconnect from stress and anxiety, take back your power and experience the freedom to become more of who you really can be!

Highlights of this retreat

  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga (am)

    develop strength, balance, flexibility and core power

  • Restorative Yin Yoga (pm)

    release stress and tension, experience deep and complete relaxation

  • Guided Meditations

    discover deep inner peace, find fulfilment and purpose in life

  • Delicious food

    delight in healthy vegetarian and authentic Thai cuisine

  • Spectacular Scenery

    discover turquoise lagoons, secluded beaches & mysterious mangroves

  • Nature Lodge Resort

    beachfront café, teak bungalows, swimming pool, paddleboards & more

  • Community

    meet like-minded people & make deep and lasting friendships

  • Under the stars

    beach bonfires, music, dance, movies, stillness, stargazing & more

How does my day look?

(a typical daily schedule)
*this may vary depending on the program

6.00 - 7.00 am | Beach Café & Sunrise Moving Meditation

Enjoy delicious fresh fruits, tea or coffee followed by our sunrise Tai Chi style moving meditation. We keep it super simple, but it’s a huge favourite, with the gentle graceful movements leaving a deep impression on many students!

7.30 - 9.00 am | Morning exercise

This is a combination of yoga-based stretches, deep rhythmic breathing exercises and a gentle core/cardio workout.

9.30 am -1 pm | Healthy breakfast & let’s go exploring!

Delight in a super healthy breakfast followed by an exploration of KYN’s magnificent Nature. Depending on your program, options include cycling, swimming, snorkelling, climbing, jungle trekking and more…

1.00 - 4.00 pm | Free time

Relax with a leisurely lunch followed by chill time by the pool or lazing in the hammock….or explore some more of our magical island

4.00 - 5.30 pm | Afternoon workshop

Depending on the program you choose, these workshops can range from a gentle restorative yoga class to the more challenging Acro or Aerial yoga, SUP (paddleboard) yoga or partner-stretch yoga.

6.00 - 8.00 pm | Dinner & evening activity

Enjoy a delicious dinner at our beachfront restaurant followed by an evening of stargazing, insight discussions, movies, music, dance or simply taking precious time to enjoy your own company!

Choose your program

Each month we have a special theme for our Whole Health Retreats.

To date, we have created 3 diverse and exciting programs for you to choose from. These unique retreats will transform your yoga practice and expand your view of what is possible as a body-mind practice.

Our Whole Fitness program incorporates the latest training trends of Power/Fitness Yoga.  Get ready to burn some calories and discover the fundamentals of yoga as a complete fitness regime. The course will include power yoga sessions, callisthenics and dynamic outdoor activities like jungle hiking, paddle boarding and kayaking.

This program is an exploration of the yogic chakras system related to our energetic body. Through specific yoga and Qi Gong exercises, powerful breathwork, mantra chants, guided meditations and insight lectures, you will understand the relative function of each chakra as well as how to maintain optimum balance and alignment within these powerful energy centres. This is an important study that will take you deep into the heart of yoga, healing and wellness.

Get ready to feel really alive in this exciting and fun yoga-rock climbing retreat!

 Join our Yoga-on-the-Rocks retreat to experience adventure, mystery and magic on southern Thailand’s spectacular multi colored sea cliffs. Learn how to move gracefully on the rock using balance, strength, flexibility and focus. Share memorable moments with our yogi climbing gang, become spellbound by stunning views and take photos and videos which will seriously impress friends and family!! The program is suitable for everyone; beginners to climbing, gym climbers and anyone looking for adventure and a new challenge in life!

Choose your program and contact us to book your spot!

JUL 8th - 11th WHOLE HEALTH RETREAT Yoga-on-the-Rocks
JUL 22nd - 25th MEDITATION PROGRAM Reprogram Your Mind To Love
AUG 12th - 15th WHOLE HEALTH RETREAT Fitness Program
AUG 26th - 29th MEDITATION PROGRAM Silent Self Discovery

Whole health and Meditation Retreats

*FULL PACKAGE w/ 2 meals

Budget room (single) THB 4.200 USD 135
Budget room (SHARED) THB 3.300 USD 110
Comfort fan bungalow (single) THB 4.500 USD 145
Comfort fan bungalow (SHARED) THB 3.450 USD 115
AC room or bungalow (single) THB 5.000 USD 160
AC room or bungalow (SHARED) THB 3.750 USD 120
*Outdoor Adventure Program: +1.500(THB) per person to cover cost of transport and equipment

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