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Why join an Island Yoga meditation immersion?

The best way to learn meditation is to find a special place; a quiet relaxing environment and a supportive community committed to your transformation. Island Yoga is such a place! You will learn from incredible teachers and connect deeply with like-minded souls! Join our meditation immersion and awaken to vibrant health, inner peace and greater fulfillment.

Awaken the divine within

What can I expect when I attend this retreat?

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David your principle instructor has over 30 years of experience practicing and teaching meditation and yoga. His inspiring yet light hearted style belies a deep reservoir of spiritual wisdom and knowledge which he imparts with grace, good humor and often a touch of mysticism.

Discover… how powerful you really can be!

This is your time to let go of limitations and discover how powerful you really can be. Experience the freedom through meditation, yoga and pure nature to tap into your infinite potential to create a life of love, health and perfect fulfillment.

More of what you will learn

*Powerful Qi Gong sequences *Potent breathing practices
*Deep sound vibration meditations *Yogic mudras and mantras

What if I am new to meditation?

No problem, our expert teachers are passionate about coaching beginners into the delights and benefits of meditation.

You just need to bring an open mind and a willingness to evolve into the most complete person you can be!

Meditation will change your thoughts…

Which will change your feelings… 

Which will change your energy…


Which will change your life!!!

Medical Science and Meditation

There is now compelling scientific evidence to prove the physical and psychological benefits of a regular meditation practice. These include:

*Improved immune functions * Enhanced sleep cycles 

*Up regulation of gene expression * Effective neuroregeneration

Meditation naturally moves energy from a fear/survival existence to one of creativity, healing, purpose and love!

Learn to get beyond yourself!

How does my day look...

(typical daily schedule)

● 6.30 - 7.15 am | Sunrise Meditation ● 7.30 - 8.30 am | Morning Yoga ● 9.00 - 10 am Healthy Breakfast

Awaken to a sunrise beach meditation followed by a gentle yoga session suitable for all levels, and then delight in our super healthy breakfast buffet!

● 10.30 - 12.30 pm | Morning Sessions ● 12.30 - 2.00 pm | Lunch and Free Time

Immerse in meditation then enjoy a delicious vegetarian lunch.

● 2.00 – 4.00 pm | Afternoon Sessions ● 4.30-6.00pm | Afternoon Yoga and Mantra Chants

Afternoon meditations are followed by a relaxing Yin Yoga class with delightful mantra chants.

Take time in Silence

You can choose to “take time in silence” for 24 hour periods during this program regardless of how many days you immerse in meditation. We will give instruction on how best to maintain silence, and a badge denoting your desire not to speak so that other students don’t disturb you unnecessarily. Silence is an empowering choice as it helps you focus on self-care and brings you to a place of deep mental peace.

Take it home!!

Our commitment is to your personal evolution; to provide you with a strong foundation on which to build a lifelong meditation practice. Regular meditation enhances sleep cycles, improves memory and creates within you a deep and lasting peace of mind bringing joy, inspiration and love into all aspects of your life.

This is the perfect time to learn meditation

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