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Let´s go Island Hopping!

Every week we organise island-hopping trips around the stunning waters and limestone karsts of Phang Nga Bay.

This island is full of hidden gems like mysterious mangroves, hidden beaches, spectacular wildlife and breathtaking ocean views.

It’s unbelievable what you discover when the boatman glides into the primal lagoon… Nothing has changed in there for eons untold! You will be sure to make vacation friends and encounter some mischievous monkeys!

Kayak with fellow yogis!

Our adventure begins with a spectacular longtail boat ride through towering limestone cliffs to the famous mangrove forests of Ao Thalane. Here we collect kayaks and dry bags to paddle through a series of enchanting waterways marvelling at awesome caves and stalactite formations, cool hidden beaches with mischievous monkeys, primal lagoons, colorful Kingfishers, giant lizards, sea eagles and much more….

Inspired by magic memories and awesome photos, we board our boat once more to stop over at a secluded beach for a picnic lunch, swimming, snorkeling and some serious chill time!


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