Our Method - Core Elements for Conscious Evolution

The Island Yoga Method and practice we provide our students are built off 5 key elements – Hatha yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Pranayama (conscious breathing) and mantra (sacred sound). Integrating this fusion of spiritual practices with healthy cuisine and immersion in the pristine nature of Koh Yao Noi.


You will gain both a deep understanding of core spiritual principles and a method of creating a sustainable and holistic lifestyle that allows you to evolve far beyond this retreat experience.

Experience a reconnection to the source of all Life

Conscious Evolution is the ultimate aim of Yoga. At Island Yoga you will discover the joy and the benefits of committing to a regular yoga practice. … embrace the dawn with our simple yet sublime Tai Chi practice- a elegant moving meditation perfect for soothing busy western minds.

Embrace the dawn with our simple yet sublime Tai Chi practice

Day in, day out, immersed within the timeless quality of your Island Yoga experience, you will begin to notice significant changes and improvements towards the state of both your body and your mind.


Your sleep patterns improve, you have more energy, you smile more and worry less, you feel more open minded, open hearted and compassionate to both yourself and your fellow yogis.

Arrive at the shala for morning yoga filled with chi vitality and a peaceful mind. The very best way to start your day.

Your perception of how you view yourself becomes more positive. You begin to discover a deeper meaning and purpose to your life. You look towards the future with optimism and clarity. You realize your creative potential is infinite as a powerful life changing transformation is activated.


This is the evolution of consciousness in motion. It is also the method and the mission of Island Yoga, to help all sentient beings discover the union of body, mind and soul through the practice of Yoga.

Discover the union of body, mind and soul

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