Meditation Masterclass Discover how powerful you really can be!

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This is your chance to study with our senior instructor David who has over 30 years of experience teaching meditation, yoga, Tai Chi and personal empowerment. His inspiring yet light hearted style belies a deep reservoir of spiritual wisdom and knowledge which he imparts with grace, good humor and often a touch of mysticism.

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Real change comes from within!

Why should I learn Meditation? For Lifestyle Transformation!


Integrating meditation into your modern lifestyle helps transform deeply ingrained behavior patterns. Through regular meditation practice, you will learn to let go of old habits and conditioning and awaken to the infinite possibilities of Life!


We are at our absolute best when we get beyond ourselves, when we are able to embrace present moment awareness and surrender to stillness and silence. This silent abode connects us with our infinite creativity and our deepest peace… this is the dimension that promotes positive change from the inside out! 

Awaken the divine within

What's included in the workshop?

You will learn a unique blend of breathwork, mantra, gentle yoga, Qi Gong and focused meditation. We will guide you beyond the mental chatter to a place of pure silence where you will experience wholeness, clarity and deep fulfillment.

What if I am new to meditation?

No problem, our Masterclass is perfect for beginners as well as regular meditation practitioners. You just need to bring an open mind and a willingness to evolve into the most complete person you can be!

Take it home!!

Our commitment is to your personal evolution. This Masterclass will provide you with a strong foundation on which to build a lifelong meditation practice. Regular meditation creates within you a deep and lasting peace of mind bringing joy, inspiration and love into all aspects of your life.

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