Home Yoga: Creating sacred time and space for daily spiritual practice

1. Meditate: Allow room for meditation, in whatever form, to be an intrinsic part of your daily life.

2. Choose a time: Commit to a regular time each day for your practice. This may be the most important discipline because maintaining a daily practice allows you to stay connected to the Divine aspect of yourself. This is your ‘Holy Time.’ A time of communing with your spiritual essence and allowing the God force within you to nourish and guide you each and every day.

3. Pick a space: Create a sacred space within your home for this practice. This is your temple. Keep it spotless and adorn it with sacred objects of your own choosing. They serve as a constant reminder of the sacred/divine aspect of your life.

4. Learn: Create a spiritual library of high quality library of books and music.

5. Rise: Try and get into the habit of rising early. Rising with the dawn is a great time to begin with a simple meditation and pranayama routine followed by a short reading of spiritual materials. Morning meditation opens your mind, raises your vibration and opens you up to unlimited potentials.

6. Be creative with your practice. In my opinion, dancing into the dawn with some Tai Chi moves as a dynamic meditation is as valid as traditional silent sitting meditation.

7. Energy flows where attention goes: Be sure to direct your attention and intentions towards the positive rather than the negative aspects in life!