Why join our Modern Life Sadhana?Tomorrow 


Over the last couple of years, the need for developing a committed practice to cultivate inner peace and equanimity has become more important than ever.

In the midst of modern life many people are falling victim to their external environment, losing the ability to truly fulfill their potential and life’s purpose.

At Island Yoga our Modern Life Sadhana programme is curated specifically to facilitate personal and spiritual growth, for you to incorporate a more holistic approach to living – bringing you back to harmony and balance.


For centuries, people of all cultures and wisdom traditions have taken journeys in order to connect with something away from the rhythm of normal life. Normally, retreats would be significant for allowing consecrated periods of practice towards evolution and transformation.

Sadhana is our spiritual work, which paves the way for us to understand our own potential. Through this work, practices help us escape the small-self, dominated by ego and limited beliefs, and instead come to embody the big-self, where we experience liberation and celebrate our identity of Self.

Modern Life Sadhana here at Island Yoga can be this celebration. It is an immersive retreat into your own yoga journey. Our holistic method will raise your frequency and awaken vital energies which become present to empower you in all aspects of life.

Using the tools of yoga, meditation, sound, movement, adventure and healthy food, this is the perfect opportunity to deepen your own personal practice whilst living in a supportive community of like-minded souls on the safe and natural wonderland of Koh Yao Noi.



This 10-day dive into your practice will change your life. With a carefully and expertly curated retreat schedule, our teachers will facilitate space for you to experience bliss and equanimity from within.

Waking to begin the day at sunrise, moving mindfully through Tai-chi and Qi-gong practices, followed by asana practice twice daily with the added guidance of one-to-one coaching sessions with our highly experienced teachers.

All of these innate teachings are centered around the findings of modern neuroscience, psychology and biology to clearly give you practical tools on the path to understanding your own being.

The human experience can be messy sometimes, and navigating that path oftentimes leaves us feeling lost. Having this intricate guidance can illuminate your path to a state of optimal being that goes way beyond Sadhana back into normal life. 

Research has shown that the amount of people adopting a more holistic approach to life has increased dramatically in the past few years. However, symptoms such as stress, burnout or chronic fatigue are constantly increasing.

Further studies have shown that we accumulate up to 70,000 thoughts per day, with 90% of these a reproduction of the previous day. 

By stepping away from the usual to-do list, choosing to participate in this Sadhana through mindful retreat is taking a courageous step to cultivate our own personal practice in a way that allows us to re-programme our neural pathways and enhance our conscious thought patterns.

Greater levels of consciousness can lead to the freedom of experiencing the organic beauty of life in every situation.


yoga retreat in thailand

This is not a vacation, but a commitment to yourself that requires discipline to the practice of transcending. Sadhana will challenge you, and on a subtle level this mirrors the obstacles of life – allowing us to move through these challenges with the same grace we flow through our asana practice. 

So ultimately, Modern Life Sadhana is teaching us to find presence and balance amongst the intensity of practice or life. Through this, it is our wish and our blessing that the experience will leave you feeling empowered and awakened, to create a force for good within the world.

Take the next step, and discover the magic of Modern Life Sadhana by contacting us today!