How to Prepare for Your Yoga Retreat Properly – Our Guide

How to Prepare for your Yoga Retreat properly | IY Guide

A lot of people think that trying new things can be intimidating. The good thing about wanting to try something different is the curiosity that comes with it. The fact that you want to step out of your comfort zone and learn new things is already a good reason for you to be proud of yourself. Take a deep breath, and let’s breeze through the things you need to remember to prepare yourself for a yoga retreat mentally.


Sit with yourself and set your intentions

To put it simply, intentions are goals. They are something you want to manifest in your life; they could be a purpose or something you are aiming to achieve.

Starting with an intention before every journey is a good way to check-in with yourself. By doing this, you are aligning with your values and core purpose that will help you lead a meaningful life.

Here’s how you do it: Find a comfortable area at home (a place where you won’t get easily distracted) and have a pen and paper with you. You can begin by listing the things you are grateful for and then check in with your emotions.

Ask yourself questions like “How is my heart lately?” or “What’s been taking up space in my head?” Once you’ve answered some questions, you can reflect on your reason for joining this yoga retreat, what you’re bringing into the retreat, and your desires. Once you’ve done this, declare your intentions, believe it, and watch it manifest.

If it isn’t coming to you, don’t worry. There’s no need to pressure yourself since this isn’t mandatory. Intention setting isn’t only ideal for yoga retreats, but is a good activity to add to your daily morning routines to start your day right!


Take only the essentials

What you’ll need to focus on during the retreat are your intentions, your mind, and your body. Being able to sit comfortably and breathe easily are most important. Clothes like yoga leggings, loose trousers, flip-flops, a few t-shirts, and a well-fitting sports bra should be fine and keep you comfortable while you move through yoga poses. Don’t forget a yoga towel, too! You’ll be sweating a lot while doing some island yoga. You can bring your own yoga props so that you won’t have to worry about the perfect size and running out of communal equipment.

Because of the number of activities and island yoga that you’ll be doing, it’s important that you remind yourself to stay hydrated. Bringing your own water bottle will encourage you to keep drinking water and staying refreshed.


Bring stuff for your well-being

You’re in an unfamiliar place, and it’s okay to feel uneasy. So it’s good to bring things that will make you feel at home. Most of the time, you may be moving and around people, but you’ll also be given time to be with yourself. It’s good to pack some headphones so that you could listen to meditative music for moments of stillness.

It’s also a good idea to bring your journal with you. You’ll have classes that might spark an emotional fire within you, and it’ll be best to write that down. It’s good to have some time alone and jot down your thoughts. After the retreat, when you look back at your journal entries, you’ll be pleasantly reminded of your growth.



Be a sponge and have an open mind

A good daily reminder leading up to your yoga retreat is to have an open mind. A new experience may be hard to absorb, but if you stay open and curious about each activity and moment, you’ll find the beauty of the retreat. Don’t forget to breathe and take everything in!




Now that you think about it, it’s not pretty intimidating and scary. It’s just something new that will help you live a more meaningful life. Stepping out of your comfort zone, trying new things, and being open to new experiences will help you appreciate life better and see things in a new and magical perspective.


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