How to Stay Zen After Your Yoga Retreat

How to Stay Zen After Your Yoga Retreat

Life can sometimes be overwhelming. Now and then, you will need time and space to take care of your mental and physical health. Going on a retreat is a great way to change your chaotic life. Yoga retreats, in particular, provide you with holistic growth in just a few days. The process helps you deal with any emotional and mental issues you may be facing while teaching you how to address other important aspects of your life. It is where you experience genuine healing.

After a retreat, you will need to go back to the city and your routine, and you will not want to let go of that peaceful and rejuvenating experience. If you loved the feeling you got after that revitalizing yoga retreat, there are ways for you to extend it. 

Never let go of that feeling by doing the following:

Incorporate mindful breathing into your daily routine

Breathing has the power to energize your entirety. The simple act of mindful breathing can positively impact your well-being. With the help of fresh oxygen, breathing enhances your Prana or life force, and it helps bring your wandering mind to the present moment. 

If you experienced Pranayama (also means ‘breathing’ in Sanskrit) during your yoga retreat, you are in luck because it is a technique you can take with you even at home. If you are not familiar with the method, here is how you can do it:


  • Sit with a straight spine or lay flat on the floor.

  • Place one hand on your belly and the other hand on your heart.

  • Breathe full, conscious, slow, and deep belly breaths.

  • Feel your body rising and relaxing with every breath.




Perform this technique in the morning, before you go to bed, or anytime you need to. Take at least ten conscious breaths per routine. It will help stimulate your heart and open your energy channels. 

Continue your yoga practice

Your body needs exercise to improve its awareness. In your retreat, regular yoga sessions may have helped your body reconnect with your consciousness, and this is an important feeling you should not lose. 

Yoga is an adaptable form of mind and body practice that you can adjust, depending on how much time you have. The most important thing is for you to show up on your mat and perform it every day.

Making it a habit will help you truly embrace it. Start by adding it to your daily routine. You can do this by assigning specific days or hours for practice. Consider dedicating a space at home for yoga or look for a local studio in your area to enroll in yoga classes. Having a safe space will help you stay motivated and keep going. 

Once you experience the amazing effects that yoga brings to your well-being, your body will always look for it. 

Meditate and pursue a positive mindset

Meditation is the best way to reconnect and balance your mind and body. Even if you think you are not in the right place or have little time, try your best to add mediation to your daily activities. You can always have time to adjust your mindset in a positive direction if you wish to. 

Similar to yoga, have a fixed time in the morning solely dedicated to meditation. You can start with a five-minute routine and notice how it immediately brings change to your perspective and mood. Whenever you feel overwhelmed or stressed, keep calm and just meditate. 

Nourish your body with good and healthy food 

If there is one thing that your yoga retreat probably taught you, it is the importance of slowing down or taking your time. You will begin appreciating life better if you adopt this mindset. To avoid getting overwhelmed, you can start with how you prepare and eat your food. 

What you put inside your body is crucial for your well-being. Food is what enhances your health and improves your state of mind. That makes food preparation an essential aspect of this conscious journey. 



Create nutritious meals that will give your body the energy and nourishment it needs. Buy local and fresh ingredients if you can. Prepare your meals with love. Say “thank you” before you eat and enjoy your food slowly to savor each flavor. 

Unfortunately, that bliss you feel after a retreat will not last as long as you might want, but you can extend that feeling with a few simple techniques. Grab onto that feeling and do something to keep it within you. Take action by creating small habits and building them as you go. Letting go of bad habits, making courageous life decisions, and following any of our recommendations above will put you on the right path.

The good news is that you can always go back and experience the beauty of escaping and being at one with yourself at Island Yoga Retreat. We make sure that your stay with us will target the core elements of a holistic lifestyle — Yoga and Qi Gong, mantra and meditation, healthy foods, and pure nature. Book with us today for a transformational experience! =)