4 Signs You Need to Take a Yoga Retreat

4 Signs You Need to Take a Yoga Retreat

We all deserve to take a break from our daily routine. The stress of city life and the demands of work can take a heavy toll on our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Even if the weekends offer a brief respite from the daily grind, staying at home doesn’t always have the relaxing effect we yearn for.


Traveling is an excellent way to set your worries aside for a short while and immerse yourself in a completely new environment. While many people travel for adventure, you sometimes need to travel to bring yourself to a completely different scene where you don’t have to chase an itinerary, a tour schedule, or a photo-op.


If you are looking to do a complete mind, body, and soul reset, perhaps it may be time to go on a yoga retreat. Thailand offers the perfect backdrop for a getaway complete with yoga classes, outdoor activities, and nutritious food. Sheltered away on a relaxed island near Phuket, you can go to a place where you won’t have an excuse to think about stressful work back home. 


If you can’t decide whether to take a yoga retreat, ask yourself if the following statements apply to you:


  • You can’t remember the last time you went on vacation

Taking a break from your routine is necessary to re-energizing your brain and body. Research proves that taking breaks can actually increase your productivity and creativity. So while you think taking time away will be detrimental to your job, the short retreat might inspire you and infuse your mind with new ideas.  


  • You haven’t been on a trip by yourself

Traveling with your friends or significant other can be a fun way to bond and explore new places. However, it should be a bucket list item to discover and try something new without a travel group. On your own, you can follow your own pace, meet new people, and uncover a confident and self-assured side of yourself that you may have never seen before.



  • You can’t stop thinking about work

When you get home from work or step away from your home office, you should mentally disconnect from work. In this digital age where people are constantly exchanging emails and a group chat for every concern at work, it can be difficult to stop thinking about what you have to do the next day. Taking yourself out of the work environment, especially if you work from home, can help you shut that door and focus on other parts of your life—your interests, hobbies, and sense of adventure. If you find it hard to leave work at the door, then perhaps it’s time for you to physically step away (temporarily, of course).


  • The people at work won’t stop bothering you on weekends

Even if you practice discipline in separating home and work life, you might not escape someone calling about a client’s emergency or a missed deadline. They don’t mean to intrude, but your proximity allows them to have access to you 24/7. Try increasing the physical distance by a few thousand miles and see how easy it will take a much-needed break.





If these sentiments ring true for you, then you deserve to book yourself a holiday immediately. Yoga retreats, specifically, are the perfect getaway for city dwellers. Not only do you get physical exercise through yoga classes, but you also get to eat wholesome and healthy meals with the beauty of the ocean as your daily view. 

Are you in dire need of an escape? Plan your yoga vacation with us. You can experience yoga classes, therapy sessions, workshops, and outdoor adventure while taking in the beautiful island of Ko Yao Noi in Thailand.


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