Experience the Five Element Retreat Experience at Island Yoga

Island Yoga shares details of its customised Island Yoga Method retreat programme, a combination of five elements that are designed to help guests fully relax and transform.

Koh Yao Noi, Thailand

Set on the blissfully beautiful island of Koh Yao Noi, a hidden gem between Phuket and Krabi, the Island Yoga retreat sets itself apart with its Island Yoga Method.

Five core elements

Five core elements form the Island Yoga Method. The first is the practice of traditional hatha yoga asana, led by a team of extraordinary teachers. Island Yoga is regarded for its excellent teachers, all with years of experience and expert certifications. “We have a world-class team,” says David Sharpe, founder of Island Yoga. “It’s very diverse group of senior teachers and sound therapists. If you come here for a week, you’ll get to experience five different teachers all who are all at the top of their game. And that is pretty unusual.”

The second element of The Island Yoga Method is Tai Chi, with the class offered on the beach in the early morning before yoga. Guests take part in this powerful practice whilst watching the sunrise over the breathtaking backdrop of the towering limestone karsts and petite islands that dot Ao Phang Nga National Park.

“We do the Tai Chi first to awaken our chi – it’s not hard on the physical body and a powerful way to begin the day,” says Sharpe, adding that the beach setting is an ideal place to practice. “The whole essence of Tai Chi and Qi Gong is to be out in nature and to gather energy and wisdom from your environment until you come to the point after a powerful practice that you become one with your environment.”

The remaining elements in the Island Yoga Method are comprised by Meditation, Pranayama (the art and science of breath) and Bhakti Yoga, also known as the yoga of devotion which incorporates chanting, conscious dance and sound baths.

The five elements of the Island Yoga Method are designed to help aid students to fully relax and open up to transformations during their retreat experience. This ties into the Island Yoga mission, which is devoted to providing life transformations through the five core elements which facilitate mindful movement and conscious evolution.

The vision of Island Yoga is to build an evolving community in Thailand empowered to enable change in their lives, community, and environment. Island Yoga guests are given these tools to develop their own practice and set on the path to transformation, which can fortify them long after they have left the cocoon of the retreat experience.