3 Beach front Yoga Shalas – host your retreat in Thailand


Lotus Hall

Lotus Hall is our original yoga hall first built 9 years ago as a 7 x7 meter open shala. It has since been enlarged to 15 x 7 meters with curved domes front and back and enclosed making it the perfect all weather facility.

Student capacity is around 35 but we generally host classes of around 20-25 students.

Heart Shala

Heart is our 2nd yoga built 5 years ago. We complimented the design of Lotus Hall by again adding curved domes front and back which makes for amazing acoustics for mantras’ and sacred chants. At 12 x 8 meters its capacity is 30 students but the average class size is around 20 students.

Bhakti Hall

Bhakti is our latest development constructed in 2017. At 18 x 10 meters it is almost double the size of the other yoga halls with a capacity for 60 students. Bhakti is our multi-purpose shala with a more sophisticated lighting and sound system. This is where we host Shamanic sound baths, cosmic dance events, yoga/meditation classes and more….