Tai Chi meditation

Tai Chi

You are invited to join the Tai Chi meditation crew as we venture out onto the pre-dawn beach to celebrate, to marvel at, and to photograph… yet another amazing sunrise.

The irresistible aroma of freshly brewed coffee floats through the still dawn air…..We gather….shuffling onto the beach around 6am… in search of Italian or French  roast….or maybe hot sweet tea for the British……we feel the need to awaken in a civilized manner…..”which flask has the coffee” is the important question!!!! We discover the snacks table, illuminated by our solar lamp and perched at an impossible angle on the slope of the beach after last night’s high tide dance….Coffee, tea, fresh bread, bananas…aah, there is a God, and he lives on Koh Yao Noi!!!!!

Awakened, satisfied, the darkness scurries away as the dawn greets our caffeinated senses…..and where are those Tai Chi tutors David and Antonella this fine morning?  2 tiny specks come into focus way out at the waters’ edge; of course, they have already started their “dawn dance”

We troop along the beach and out to the raised sandbanks, no more time to waste, it’s time for our own “divine dance”, our exquisite “movement in meditation”.

These sunrise meditations are loosely based around the Yang 24 move “short form” style of Tai Chi.  Our meditations use the opening 6 moves for beginners and 12 moves for students attending longer than 3 sessions….we teach 3 moves each morning….and repeat these moves over and over until we’re dancing in a “Sea of Chi”

The idea is that within 2-4 mornings, you will have gained an understanding of the principles of Tai Chi Chi Gong and can practice a delightful 6 -12 move meditation….we also have You Tube videos of our instructors demonstrating these simple moves so that students can continue their practice away from KYN.

Finally…and I cannot over emphasize this point… the dawn beach setting with its spectacular sunrises, bird song, tides swirling around us…we often finish the meditations on a raised sandbank which, with an incoming tide, becomes completely surrounded by water….this is a magical, magical, magical experience!!!!!!!

And then all too soon, it’s 7.20am, time to finish the meditation with a short Chi Gong routine and head back to the shala for some Indian style yoga.