Personalise Yoga and Lifestyle Retreat Dates 2020

Essential Yoga and Lifestyle Trainings that will change your Life!

Yoga Lifestyles Retreat is about co-creating a fun, exciting and versatile yoga practice that is custom designed to meet your Lifestyle specific requirements. Our goal throughout this 7 day program is to create a highly personalized take home yoga and spiritual practice that allows you to evolve as a yogi far beyond this retreat experience. Integrating a unique fusion of Yoga & Qi Gong, Mantra & Meditation, Diet & Nutrition, Health Foods & Cutting Edge Science, you will gain both a deep understanding of core spiritual principles and a mastery of your lifestyle appropriate home yoga practice.

Guests complete nadi shodina pranayama at Island Yoga on Koh Yao Noi, Thailand

Continuing The Personal Transformation

Most students dive deeply into their yoga retreat experiences, often achieving quite remarkable body-mind transformations, only to see these hard won spiritual gains dissipate and vanish through hectic and stressful lifestyles back at home.

Whatever your level, whatever your age, whatever your motivation, our Lifestyles Retreat will give you the tools to actualize the process of self-discovery leading to genuine and lasting transformation. You will gain the skill-set to make positive changes to your life, realize your full potential, become empowered, change the way you think, act, eat, become inspired and stay inspired!

Essential Yoga and Lifestyle Trainings that will change your Life!

A Return to Core Values

By stripping yoga practice down to its fundamentals, by exploring complimentary practices like Qi Gong and meditation to support and deepen these fundamentals, this retreat will create a paradigm shift in your consciousness. Your perception of the world, and the emotional responses triggered by those perceptions will be positively and dramatically enhanced.

A Return to Nature

Let our Fundamentals Retreat reacquaint you with Mother Nature. There is no better place to heal and no better place to practice – National Geographic recently dubbed Koh Yao Noi one of the 6 Most Wild & Beautiful places in the world to Practise Yoga. Through daily immersion in the pristine nature of Koh Yao Noi, you will experience a reconnection to the source of all Life. You will become revitalised and whole in body, mind and soul.

A Return to Yourself

There is no need to find yourself on this retreat. You are already here! Our Yoga Lifestyles Retreat will simply be a way to re-mind yourself of this fact. Maybe you’ve never before developed a spiritual practice? No problem, this is why you are here! Together, we will explore your personal requirements and systematically bring the appropriate yoga and spiritual principles together to create a fulfilling and versatile daily home practice.

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What we offer at Island Yoga

Yoga – it’s that Simple!

  • Highly experienced instructors with deep yogic knowledge will guide and support through your retreat. Integrating postures and sequences from the classical and universally popular Hatha Yoga system, we will create a practice that exactly suits your body type and personal requirements. Benefits gained through a regular yoga practice include:
    • increased flexibility, muscle tone and strength
    • improved circulatory and cardio health
    • increased energy levels and balanced sleep cycles
    • improved posture & detoxification of organs
    • relief from anxiety and depression and so much more…


Meditation really is at the heart of all spiritual practices, but what is this mysterious, mystical phenomena? Meditation is essentially the practice of going beyond the mental constructs of the mind. The average person thinks 60-70,000 thoughts per day in order to access the silence that lies behind all that mental chatter. This silent realm is the abode of our spirit/soul nature or higher intelligence.  Through regular meditation practices we gain access to the wisdom of our soul allowing ourselves to be guided through our life’s journey. This transcendental realm is also known as the unified field of consciousness wherein lie all potentials and possibilities. Meditation is the journey from duality into Wholeness, a discovery of our authentic and eternal soul Nature. Through our yoga training methods, you will develop the Zen-like quality of mind essential for meditation.


You will eat 3 delicious meals each day from our Yogi Café.  Just 1 week of dining from our yummy cuisine menu and the improvements to your energy levels, mood and mental well-being will be undeniable!


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Adventure in Nature

Include detail of excursions, climbing etc- connect with nature

Do You Want to Travel? Do You Need Inspiration? Do You Need Transformation?

You posses infinite potential, the answer you seek lies in finding your key and unlocking your consciousness to your boundless capabilities. No matter what stage of life you are in, traveling through Thailand will expand your world and challenge you to live outside your comfort zone. But once you learn your limits are only set by your mind, you will be unstoppable.

What’s Included In Your Personalised Yoga & Lifestyle Retreat?

  • Daily Sunrise Tai Chi Meditation
  • Daily Yoga Class focussing on xxx
  • 1 Island Hopping tour
  • 1 Guided climbing tour
  • 3 daily meals
  • Accommodation on our beachfront resort
  • Nutrition Workshop
  • Guided Meditations
  • Advice and support to help you incorporate these learnings in to your every day life back home.

Not Included: Flights, transfers to and from Island Yoga

Your Daily Schedule

  • Sunrise Outdoor Session:
  • Healthy vegetarian breakfast
  • Midday Indoor Session or excursion 
  • Lunch
  • Sunset Outdoor Session:
  • Healthy vegetarian Dinner
  • Satsang or guided meditations

Let’s get Freedom in Your Mind!

Achieve a different View on your Path of Life!

Adventure, discover, explore – Thailand, Yourself, Yoga, Meditation, Climbing and Kayaking!