Koh Yao Noi island yogi excursions and trips

Island Hopping Extravaganza: every Thursday

Every Thursday we board a long tail boat for an island hopping extravaganza around the limestone towers and lagoons of the Phang Nga bay. This world famous marine national park is home to many  of Thailand’s “bird nesting” sites where locals collect Swallows nests to make the renowned bird nest soup. We will usually visit 3 islands where you can explore primordial lagoons hidden within the limestone karsts plus you will get the chance to snorkel and swim directly off the boat. Our final stop is to a pristine beach for more swimming, picnicking, beachcombing and tropical island discovery. Often our greatest challenge is to remember to get back in time for evening yoga class!!

Mystical Mangroves – Kayaking: every Saturday

Once a week we venture across the bay to kayak the tranquil waterways of AoTha Lane. The mangroves are a naturalist’s wonderland: silently gliding through this secret utopia, you will discover an abundance of wildlife including troops of monkeys, flying fish, eagles and owls, giant butterflies and giant lizards! The caves, stalactite formations and primeval lagoons hidden within the mangroves are truly stunning. We stop at Koh Pak Bia on the journey home to picnic, swim and snorkel around this perfect “castaway” island…. and try to remember to get back in time for evening yoga!!!