Private Treatments

Our yoga teachers and therapists offer a wide range of healing modalities and treatments. These include Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing, Integrative Vibrational therapy, Ajna Light and Pyra Light therapy, Ayurvedic Yoga massage. Treatments are scheduled throughout the day and evening.

If you would like to deepen your yoga practice or build one, you can book individual sessions with our yoga teachers.

Beyond that, the diverse teachers of Island Yoga offer a wide range of treatments and therapies.


Dimitri is an Integrative Vibrational Therapist, Professional Sound Therapist and Shamanic Practitioner. Based on the idea that we are all unique energy systems and because of the nature of how energetic blockages occur, treatment is specific to the individual. Dimitri gives guidance on what will be most beneficial treatment for you at this time depending on your needs. In his sessions Dimitri uses inter alia Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks and Gongs. In combination with Conscious Breath Work, and the Ajna Light profound release in the individual is reached with the strong support of ceremonial Shamanic practices. With this Reiki energy and through both frequency and intention the opportunity for deep healing will arise.

As a certified Yoga therapist and Tibetian Buddhist practitioner, Roni offers a blend of yoga therapy, myofascial release, and mindfulness, being particularly interested in anxiety, depression and addictions, women’s health and structural yoga therapy. Roni can empower you with the tools you need for lasting transformation that take an active role in your own health and well-being. Yoga therapy is especially supportive for those dealing with health issues, injury, limited mobility, emotional and mental disorders, chronic pain and illness. Restore balance and increase vitality through movement (asana), breath (pranayama), Myofascial release, Ayurveda, lifestyle advice, meditation and mindfulness to help you progress towards optimal health.

In Veerles private sessions and treatments she offers you quality time to deepen your yoga practice and incorporate sound for well-being, mantras, chakra awakening, affirmations… She also offers therapeutic sessions for injuries, digestive and/ or stress related issues, and Ayurvedic Yoga Massage. An Ayurvedic Massage is a perfect opportunity to give your body a deep tissue rejuvenation, to detox and treat injuries as well as hormonal disorders, anxiety, depression, insomnia and other stress related symptoms.

Antonella is also a Tai Chi and Qigong teacher and can show you interesting and effective techniques based on these practices. She can help you to create a sustainable yoga practice according to your needs, which includes asana alignment and intelligent sequencing, and guide you through pranayama and meditation. Her Qigong moving meditation and Tai Chi bades warm-ups are for a better health of both, the body and the mind.