Ecstatic Cleanse retreat

Island Yoga is introducing the first Ecstatic Cleanse retreat featuring ZenCleanz ONE – a natural enzyme detox with ecstatic dance in Thailand. Hosted by Qi Gong master Daniel Li Ox, this weekend event is…

A 48-hour digestive cleansing event located at Island Yoga, Thailand. The two-day long detox retreat uses a combination of powerful fermented organic enzymes, juices, and water to gently cleanse the entire gut from the mouth to colon.

In addition to taking enzyme supplements throughout day one, the event also features ecstatic dance, sound baths, yoga, qi gong, organically pressed juices, to further aide natural detoxification and purification on day two.

The digestive enzymes are made of 100% natural and organic produce by a consortium of scientists and Traditional Chinese Medicine experts who ensure only the highest quality enzymes are used for cleansing. The enzymes are created from a mix of over 150 organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, and seaweeds fermented together for three years to produce one of the most potent and effective modern cleansing tools available today.

Today, organic enzyme fasting is a revolutionary cleansing method to not only restore digestive health but to also heal a variety of symptoms related to poor Gastrointestinal (GI) health such as:

Migraines and Headaches
Trouble Losing Weight
Inability to Sleep
Sexual Dysfunction
Soreness, Stiffness, and Inflammation
Allergic Reactions
Skin Problems

From a cleansing point of view, the enzymes work because they detox the entire GI tract of built-up plaque and undigested food which continuously putrefy and toxify the entire body. As the enzymes work, they also nourish the tract’s natural flora in the gut which enhances digestion and immunity. The cleanse also works beyond the gut and penetrates the bloodstream and liver for improved blood circulation and detoxification.

You’ll finish the cleanse feeling lighter and with more energy. You may notice your skin turns brighter, your eyes become whiter, and you may lose weight within 48 hours of the cleanse.

After the enzyme cleanse and drastically releasing toxic buildup you will step into a healthier body, renew your relationship with food, make healthier choices, and move towards living your life at your optimum level of potential.

What To Expect

The ZenCleanz ONE enzyme cleanse addresses the whole length of the digestive tract, unlike colonics and enemas which are limited to the large intestine. The detox is highly effective, lasts only one day, is unobstructive to your schedule, and is gentle on your body. The cleansing enzymes are made of a wide selection of highly potent organic produce fermented for over 3 years. By taking a series of various enzymes and natural juices throughout the 2-day retreat, your gut will be cleaned of undigested material, plaque, and toxic substances that stick to the digestive wall. The result is a healthier gut that can easily absorb micronutrients and water for more vitality, energy, and an overall enhanced body.

About The Facilitator

Daniel Li Ox

Daniel Li Ox

Daniel Li Ox is the founder of Wandering Dao. He was born in Canada in 1961. Long distance swimmer from an early age he had his first access to eastern esoteric practices at the age of 16 through Yoga. In his early 20′s he studied Soto Zen and Chinese Medicine and been ordained as a monk (bodhisattva) in his late…