Specialized Yoga Retreats-Inside Yin Yoga Retreat

About The Retreat

January 7-13, 2018

Join us on the beautiful island of Koh Yao Noi for a relaxing journey inwards through practices of Yin yoga, silent meditation, Taoism and the 5 element meridian theory, Tibetan Buddhism and restorative practices.


What will you benefit from this week of  stillness in motion?

  • Stimulation and balancing of Chi or life force
  • Conscious breathing to open the energy channels (meridians) and release physical tensions and (emotional) blockages
  • Deep tissue release of stiffness and tensions in joints, muscles and ligaments; increase of mobility
  • Conscious relaxation of the body, calming and recharging the mind and nervous system
  • Buddhist principles of mindfulness & transpersonal psychology to embrace changes while staying focused and grounded in the present moment
  • Journey inwards to uncover what is suppressed or hidden in the deeper realms of the Self
  • Practical methods to deeply relax and rest, improve your sleep, digestion, vitality, metabolism and overall level of wellbeing.
  • New ways to cope with stress, anxiety and daily challenges in our fast-paced world.
  • Start to love and encounter yourself and others in a more joyful and compassionate way.
  • Balance a yang style orientated yoga practice or dynamic lifestyle with an inward and introspective practice. Yin yoga is especially beneficial to counterbalance the overstimulated and stressful western lifestyle in which it’s easy to feel drained, overwhelmed or fatigued.

People About This Retreat

Veerle is a gentle, kind and a great wise guide. She has a lovely calm energy. She combines approaches including those inspired by Feldenkrais, Buddhist meditation,yin yoga and mantras. I felt my breath slowing and my mind calming. Nobody should miss an opportunity of joining her yin yoga classes. 

Julie, UK

The calm, but intense practices of Veerle’s yin yoga classes were exactly what I needed. I re-established more and more the connection with and within my own body. After her classes my sleep was deep and restoring, and I woke up again fresh and with a clear mind. The fact that Veerle has a background as a psychologist, contributed to the fact that I felt very understood and safe with her. During her classes Veerle shares interesting knowledge about the functioning of our vital organs, the meridian lines and points and how these energy channels of the body influences them. Through her classes I have grown much more confidence in life and myself, and I am able to cope much better and with more resilience to daily life challenges.

Zabine, BE

About The Facilitator

Veerle Geuens

Veerle Geuens

Veerle is a Certified Yoga Teacher E-RYT 200 RYT 500 level in vinyasa flow, pranayama, yin and restorative yoga.Tuition Cost $695

Accommodation cost including buffet breakfast:

Dorm bed: $170 USD
Budget room bed, shared occupancy: $145 USD
Budget room single occupancy: $ 220 USD
Comfort bungalow shared occupancy: $215 USD
Comfort bungalow single occupancy: $310 USD
A/C bungalow shared occupancy: $240 USD
A/C bungalow single occupancy: $395 USD