Island Yoga Special Retreats-5 Rhythms Dance Retreat

5Rhythms – A magnificent retreat to move the body and quiet the mind

“Energy moves in Waves. Waves move in patterns. Patterns move in rhythms. A human being is just that, energy waves, patterns, rhythms.
Nothing more. Nothing Less. A dance.

5Rhythms is a powerful, dynamic practice that transcends dance. The movement itself is a medicine, one which ignites a spark of creativity, connection and community. Together we peel back layers, lay masks down and dance until we disappear…only to rediscover ourselves through it all. The 5Rhythms retreat will take place at the Thailand yoga retreat centre of Island Yoga.


5 Rhythms Logo

Each of the rhythms in a 5Rhythms practice corresponds to a stage of life, an element of the body and an emotional state. The movement might seem like a simple process, but it unlocks deep and long-lasting changes, unblocking the dancer from self-imposed limitations.

You will interpret each rhythm in a uniquely personal way, opening you to a new sense of freedom and possibility that is both surprising and healing, exhilarating as well as deeply restorative. In essence, 5Rhythms can be thought of as “exercise for the right brain.”

Led by certified 5Rhythms teacher Anouk Heike Maucher, the focus of the retreat is on the abundance and richness which is already living inside of us. Sometimes we forget all talents and gifts we are carrying, resources which simply want to be lived and expressed. At times our point of view is shadowed by the past experiences – they want to be seen, embraced and integrated. But suddenly the fog is opening up, perhaps just for moments, when you can feel this deep joy, this lust of life, your amazing passion – let’s celebrate life together!

5Rhythms can unlock a deep release, allowing you to just be. You will learn to listen to your body with more awareness, noticing where thoughts are distracting you, when you might trapped thinking about the past, planning the future or wondering what others are thinking about. It is a radical but accessible way to get un-stuck.

We are made up of all walks of life – every culture, religion, race, gender, age and sexual preference is welcome.


This one of a kind retreat runs from Sunday, 28th July – Saturday, 3rd August 2019. 


2 sessions a day, 5-6 hours,

on 1 day only 1 session plus an excursion:

  • Early morning yoga or meditation class followed by a delicious and hearty breakfast.
  • Then we’ll have our morning activities/workshop session.
  • Lunch as a group.
  • Then afternoon activities / workshop session.
  • Dinner.
  • Some evenings you are on your own to explore the island and others we’ll have some more surprises / activities for you to enhance your experience


We have accommodation options to suit all budgets at Island Yoga on the beautiful island paradise of Koh Yao Noi, Thailand. From air-conditioned bungalows, budget rooms and dorm rooms, you’ll find the perfect room for your stay with us by clicking on the button below.


Room OptionPrice p/p in TBHApprox price in  
Mixed DormTHB 38,400€1,025
Female DormTHB 38,400€1,025
Budget Room – sharedTHB 39,600€1,055
Comfort Fan – 2 sharingTHB 42,900€1,145
A/C Bungalow – 2 sharingTHB 45,600€1,215

About The Facilitator

Anouk Heike Maucher is a passionate 5Rhythms Teacher and body psychotherapist from Freiburg, Germany. She brings a light yet deep presence to her teaching.

“The 5Rhythms teach me to stay in contact with myself, to be more authentic. Asking myself “What does my body, my soul want to express?“ instead of being controlled by my thoughts which do jump up and down from time to time. I have the desire to create and share a space where people get in contact with themselves, in which they relearn to listen to their body, to inhabit their body as a temple, to free themselves in the dance. I would like to accompany people on their joyful or painful path, in their passion or simply with what is moving them in the here and now.”

I grew up in the countryside in the south of Germany as a ‚good’ and adapted girl. Already in my childhood I was drawn to dance, I absolutely wanted to take ballet lessons. But for my parents this meant „taxi-service“, so instead they enrolled me at the local tennis club. I succumbed and instead danced in my room, just for myself. The way into womanhood – breaking through these „layers“ of being a ‚good’ girl – which actually just wanted to please and be loved – was a hard and stony path. Again and again this path led me through deep valleys and my anchor was always the dance. Already very early on I was asking myself: Who lives in this body? Who am I? I was interested in psychology, wanted to know more, was searching, for myself, the meaning of life, for more understanding and wanting to make sense. I wanted to study psychology, but life sent me on detours… I studied french and art in Freiburg. Although I had doubts during my studies – I persisted – the adapted girl was still present – and I became a teacher. Life guided me to Basel in Switzerland, where I taught for over 10 years. And in all these years I was „searching“, I took part in a variety of trainings in spiritual, bodyorientated therapies, in family constellation, shamanism, Bach flowers. But more and more I got fascinated with body movement, dancing and therapy. So I studied dancetherapy for 3 years (Wendepunkt; 2003-2006) and body psychotherapy for 5 years: Biosynthesis with David and Sylvia Boadella (2006 – 2011).

2008-2012 I built up my own dance workshops: Tanzgrund. I combined dancetherapy with elements of biosynthesis. And still, I didn´t feel like having arrived yet. I got to know the 5 Rhythms while studying dance therapy (2003). Since then they more and more became part of my life. dived into the dance, into myself, met my edges, confronted myself and realized I was shedding myself, like a snake – I could see old patterns, accepting them, holding myself in them, gradually letting them go, again and again. And I found myself on the 5 Rhythm webside studying the teacher training, again and again. When I was dancing „Medicine Dance (2012)“ with Jonathan Horan in Costa Rica I heared „the call“ and from then on there was no way back. All my fears and doubts dissolved – suddenly I „knew“ this is my way and I´m going for it.

5 Rhythms

In the 5 Rhythms I discovered a natural way of healing, a way to tap into the wisdom of the body and the soul to heal itself. I understood (with heart and mind), that the 5 Rhythms are not only a „dance“, no, they are to be found in life, suddenly they have an impact in my life.

In the dance I feel at home, I find my home inside of myself. As soon as I feel the dance floor under my feet, a release occurs in my body – I allow myself to just be – with all that is within me, I surrender to the dance unconditionally – to move with what is moving me at present. I learned to listen with more awareness to my body – very often our chattering, oh so important, thoughts are distracting us, we are thinking about the past, planning the future, wondering what others are thinking about. We judge instead of listening to ourselves. My life didn´t get „easier“ but I don´t get stuck or frozen for decades, I find my way through more quickly.

„The fastest way to still your mind is to move your body.“ (Gabrielle Roth)

I did the teacher training of the 5 Rhythms for creating a space where healing with movement can happen. I have the desire to create and share a space where people get in contact with themselves, in which they relearn to listen to their body, to inhabit their body as a temple, to free themselves in the dance. I would like to accompany people on their joyful or painful path, in their passion or simply with what is moving them in the here and now.