Yoga and wellness Workshops in Thailand-by Antonella

Hip opening

The hips play an important role on a physical and emotional level. Fortunately, the hip joint is extremely flexible and allows for a large range of motion while providing great stability. Although duo to our modern lifestyle the hips can lose mobility and that can have a huge impact on how we move and in other parts of the body. The hips are also a place where we store our fears and traumas
We will work on a sequence that systematically stretches the muscles around the whole circumference of the hip joint bringing freedom to the hips, lower back, groin and knees. We will also discuss some of the links between emotions and tight hips.

Benefits of hip opening:

  • Increase mobility
  • Improve posture
  • Ease back pain
  • Improve circulation
  • Improve yoga practice
  • Improve sitting meditation posture
  • Can help release deep, trapped emotions

Meditation Session

In these 1 hour sessions, I will be teaching different types of meditation as well as giving advice on what you can do to prepare for meditating and the best posture for you to sit comfortably and have a deeper experience.
By learning how to meditate we can develop an important tool which has many benefits including helping us to relax, sleep better, reduce stress, improve focus & concentration, increase self-awareness and acceptance.

Everyone welcome!

Qi Gong

Movement, Breath & Meditation

Qi Gong, sometimes translated as “vital energy cultivation”, is an ancient Chinese exercise and healing technique that can help us have more awareness and control over our “life force”. We can re-learn to move freely and naturally with the whole body connected both structurally and energetically. It can be practiced by anyone, at any age.

I’m excited to be sharing the techniques I’ve learned from my masters in my studies in China. I believe these practices can have a profound effect in reducing stress     and anxiety and optimizing health of body and mind, allowing us to live in harmony with ourselves and the environment around us.

Private Lessons

You might already know some of my work from one of my classes here at IY. If you would like to deepen your yoga practice or build one, I’ll be offering private lessons throughout the season. I can help you in areas in which you would like to develop or improve, as well as build a sustainable home practice if you are just starting on the yoga path.
I’m also a Tai chi and Qigong teacher and can teach you some really interesting and effective techniques based on these practices.

I can:
• Help you to create a sustainable yoga sequence according to your needs;
• Asana alignment and intelligent sequencing;
• Pranayama & Meditation;
• Qi-Gong moving meditation and tai chi based warm-ups for better health of both body and mind.

To book an appointment send me a message or come talk to me after a class. Sessions are 2 hours – 2000 THB

About Antonella Milo

Antonella is a certified yoga instructor passionate about mindful movement, breath, and meditation. The traveling yogini has over 16 years of experience teaching yoga and draws her inspiration for various yoga practices, dance, and tai chi. For the past two years she lived and studied in India. Following Himalayan tradition she trained under Jivana Heyman, the founder of Accessible Yoga. Alongside his guidance she learned in addition to knowledge, compassion, tolerance, and kindness are vital characteristics of a teacher. Currently Antonella has taught in over five countries, Italy, China, and the UK to name a few.

Antonella has a power energy and presence while she guides her classes. Her vast cultural yoga experiences gives her classes a traditional yet dynamic form, such as her Hatha Flow class. Today she sees the body as an instrument for mindfulness and self-observation on an external and internal level.

Her Island Yoga classes are a slow but fluid form of hatha yoga with a strong focus on breath, pranayama, alignment, and meditation. In addition to yoga, Antonella is an avid meditation practitioner and encourages her students to embrace self-connection.

In 2016 Antonella fell in love with Tai Chi and Qi Gong and traveled to China to deepen her understanding under Master Wu Yuping and Wu Heng Dong. She feels privileged to be able to teach sunrise Tai Chi and workshops at Island Yoga.

Island Yoga is proud to announce Antonella is one of our guiding teachers in our 200-hr teacher training courses. Alongside Karen Miscall-Bannon, the knowledgeable duo help new teachers find their teaching power, voice, and strengths as instructors.

Antonella’s Workshops

Mantra & Chanting

Rest & Digest