Island Yoga-Embodyoga Teacher Training 2017

Island Yoga-Embodyoga Teacher Training 2017

Dates: October 14th November 11th 2017
Cost of Tuition $2,500

Island Yoga is pleased to announce our 2017 Teacher Training Retreat in collaboration
with Embodyoga of California.


Embodyoga® programs are well-rounded, in-depth studies of yoga with an emphasis on personal embodiment as the basis for becoming a yoga teacher. Increase self-knowledge, acceptance and love through "embodied-inquiry", asana, pranayama, meditation and philosophical study.

*Discover "whole–body–support" templates for strong, comfortable, injury free asana practice.
*Learn to weave postures, breath and movement into progressive depths of experience
*Develop a depth and beauty in your yoga practice that remains constant when you step off the mat.

Program Overview

Embodyoga® is an approach to yoga developed by Patty Townsend and begins with the premise that our entire personal self: body, heart, and mind, is a sea of Pure Vibrating Creative Awareness. We recognize that each aspect of our physical, subtle, and energetic form is an expression of this Pure Awareness manifesting through individual qualities and traits. We experience these aspects as gradations of Pure Awareness, all having equal value and importance, and all interwoven to form a system that is perfectly equipped and primed for Self-Realization.

Through the process of inquiry, which guides the journey into our unique body-mind system, we harness the powerful forces of curiosity and desire to guide our exploration. Experience has shown us that whatever route this journey takes, it leads to the revelation of the Unity that underlies all form. In this way, Embodyoga® practice provides us with a direct experience of Unity that remains with us on and off the yoga mat, manifesting through and supporting our relationships with ourselves and others.


In the same way that a tripod relies equally on three legs and will fall if one is not present, Embodyoga® is supported by three pillars: Embodied-Inquiry™, Santosha (acknowledgement of and contentment with what is, without judgment) and Viveka (discriminating awareness). In this way, we explore the body-mind-spirit in a unique and deep way, focusing on inner awareness and embodiment as the deepest experience of Self.

Testimonial…… Karen Miscall-Bannon is the finest teacher I have studied with in my 20 years of yoga teaching and active education.
She delivers classical knowledge from the ancient texts and teaches them alongside the most current information of human anatomy. Karen is a master of asana and precision alignment with the keen understanding of how that exhibits and varies in each individual.
Karen’s' authentic and compassionate nature creates an atmosphere that inspires learning.
Marilyn Castilaw

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