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Program Description



Blueprint for Optimal Movement 1: Cellular Breathing – Navel Radiation
Principle of a Quiet Spine
Discriminating Core & Periphery – Finding Union
Standing Postures 1– Our Foundation: Pelvis, Legs & Feet
Surya Namaskar: Sun Salutations & Vinyasa
Skeletal Structure
Ease in the Ilio–psoas Complex
Yield and Push of the Legs
Inversions 1: Shoulder stand & Handstand
Pranayama 1: Ujjayi
Yoga Nidra: Tantric Technique for Deep Rest


Standing Postures 2 – Dynamics & Alignment, Integrating Upper & Lower Body
Ribs, Shoulder Girdle, Arms and Hands: Alignment & Integrated Movement
Yield and Push of the Arms
Lower Back Fundamentals: Sacroiliac & Lumbar Health
Standing and Supine Forward Bends
Lungs, Concha’s of the Nose & Breathing Diaphragm
Embodying Organs & Glands
Breath in Asana Practice
Patanjali's Eight Limbs of Yoga
Cultivating a Rewarding Personal Practice


Principles of Backbend 1: Organ & Glandular Support
Arm Balances 1
Twists and Hip Openers 1
Inversions 2: Headstand and Shoulder stand Cycle
Pranayama 2: Viloma, Prana Vayus
Bandhas – Integrating Core
The Kosas: Spiralic Sheaths of Awareness
The Systems of Yoga


Blueprint for Optimal Movement 2: Spinal Patterns
Integrated Whole Body Movement in Yoga Practice
Precision Vinyasa — Flow and Hold
Neuro–Endocrine System with Andrea Olsen
Balancing Sympathetic & Parasympathetic Nervous Systems
Temporal-Mandibular Joint, the Skull and Palate
Backbends 2
Twists, Hips and Arm Balances 2
Pranayama 3: Nadi Shodhana and Kumbhaka
Restorative Yoga
Chakras, Nadis and Kundalini
Tantra Yoga: The Expression of Life Lived in Fullness


Integrated Teaching Principles

* Principles of Observation, Instruction, Demonstration & Touch
*Art and Science of Sequencing
*Planning and Teaching Classes
*Principles of Teaching
*Philosophy and Ethics of Teaching
*Teaching as a Profession


“When we have had a direct encounter with whom and what we are, we effortlessly share this experience as an offering in all our interactions. A sense of love and responsibility for the well-being of all humanity expands outwardly in concentric circles from ourselves, through our family, friends, and community, and beyond. This outward expansion results directly from our ability to perceive our essential selves more deeply”.

Testimonial…I completed a 200 hour training with Karen in winter of 2015. As a registered nurse, Karen’s in depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology resonated with me from the first time I encountered her. She has outstanding depth of knowledge regarding yoga philosophy and is able to weave that perspective into the science of yoga without overwhelming the student with superfluous information. ---- Cheryl Starch, RN

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