Detox Course for Women

Detox Course for Women
This 7 days practice takes Woman to face her body, mind and emotions. It starts from parasite detox cleansing followed by ancient Yogic cleansing - Shank Prakshalana.
Next 3 following phases dedicated to work with:
WOMB - the Temple of Woman's power, intuition and creativity.
HEART - the Temple of Woman's feelings, self-awareness and fulfillment.
VOICE - the Tempe of Woman's ability to express essence to herself and outside world.

Detox and Cleansing part:

Even if Woman doesn't have any serious, visible health issue, due to life style and eating habits she collects and stores certain parasites in organism that are not visible to her. Body is a potential house for more than 2000 different types of parasites. Parasites' presence in the system is natural and normal process of life evolution. We eat and digest food, then our body eliminates waste products. Something always stays inside. The amount of taken food during months, years, decades creates a positive flora for toxins and parasites to occur. This might effect Woman's sleep order, her fatigue, energy level, digestion, mood etc. Today's products that we consume are full of sugar, chemicals and artificial additives. But even if we eat healthy and organic food, our body requires cleanse from time to time. It's just like we clean our house or fridge regularly. Especially when a season changes, we come out from cold, winter into a warm summer season, our body needs support and energy for this transition. Toxins and parasites also effect woman's physical and spiritual practice. Parasites on energetical and subtle level - are negative entities which we collected and attracted through stress, worries, anxiety, thoughts, speech and actions. It is hard to concentrate and meditate when body is invaded by toxins.

During all 7 days we will go through 3 different types of cleanse. These process' are simple but require consistency, dedication, courage and patience.

1 cleanse involves Pumpkin seeds, which are famous to be a strong weapon against parasites- 1 time process (first morning).
2 cleanse is ancient Yogic - Shank Prakshalana. It requires to drink 3 liters of warm salty water, physical exercises and cleansing of small and large intestines through elimination - 1 time process (first morning).
3 cleanse involves pure and fresh onion consumption. Qualities of onion are famous for fighting immunity loss, anti-inflammatory remedy and weapon against toxins - 6 times process (6 mornings).

Phases of the Program:
There are 3 levels of this program apart from Detox. We will work with each level within 2 days.

1 Phase WOMB - on this level Woman learns about her physiology and it's purpose. She receives keys to turn her menstrual cycle into a sacred, unique and beautiful ritual. She discovers 3 cycles of her life: Puberty, Menarche and Menopause and understands what are the consequences of her feminine ignorance and misuse.
Our participants will go through practice of healing connection with Ancestors and balancing Yin and Yang channels from family lineage.
Cutting cords with previous lovers and partners is an important part of this stage. It requires Woman to actually want it, b ready for it and do it.
Learning about Moon cycles, it's powers and influence will be theoretical and practical part of this level.

2 Phase Heart - Woman's heart is the home of Divine grace. It is like infinite Ocean of love. It has capacity to go through pain and suffering, then heal itself. Then give compassion to her child, embrace all children, her family, friends and whole world. Great gift of giving and forgiving lays within the house of Woman's heart.
We will create space and practice where Woman finds healing of her own Heart before she gives to the rest of the world. Because like ocean storm, Woman has ability to destroy as well. Unbalanced heart can cause negative consequences in Woman's life.

3 Phase Voice - Woman's voice is art of magic and mystery. On physical level voice is represented by her vocal cords, throat, neck, shoulders, arms, chest. If woman does not express herself then her essence becomes prisoner in her own arms and ribcage. In harmony Woman's voice is like a heaven's music that can relax, inspire, whisper and caress. Sometimes when woman is not connected and in denial of her nature she can sound horrible, destructive and poisonous. Speech of such women become constant argument and gossiping. Through special techniques and exercises we will unfold this force that will motivate Woman to fall in love with her own voice.
This course is based on Tantric, Taoist, Osho, Yoga practices. A lot of movement such as dance, Yoga Goddess flow, yin and yang forms of asanas. Mindful and dynamic meditations. Work in pairs and individually.

Tuition Cost: $ 700 for 1 woman. Price includes: Participation in program, rituals, detox program, learning material, personal guidance.
Accommodation cost including buffet breakfast and lunch:
Dorm bed: $195 USD
Budget room bed, shared occupancy: $170 USD
Budget room single occupancy: $ 255 USD
Comfort bungalow shared occupancy:$250 USD
Comfort bungalow single occupancy: $360 USD
A/C bungalow shared occupancy: $280 USD
A/C bungalow single occupancy: $460 USD

Schedule of the program:

15 January:
13.00 Check-in time
16.30 First Introduction session

Every day onwards:
6.30 - 9.00 Meditation, Yoga, Feminine practice
10.00 - Breakfast
13.00 - Lunch
16.30-19.00 - Evening Session

22 January:
7.30-9.00 - Closing Ceremony
10.00 - Breakfast
12.00 - Check out

About Facilitator:

Aliya Galim is international certified Yoga Instructor, originally from Kazakhstan. Facilitator and developer of programs for women’s health and life balance. Aliya is talented in so many ways. She is a loving, caring, strong and fearless woman, who practices her Feminine Essence everyday through Yoga, dance, body movements, breath, studies, teachings, connection with people and Nature.
She started the journey of self-love from Yoga 11 years ago. And since then it evolved and transformed into a spontaneous, fluid, joyful lifestyle. Same way are her teachings. Aliya's yoga class is famous for it's good explanation, sense of humor, creative flows, mix of stretch, strength and relaxation. Aliya loves to take you deep into the pose and challenge your mind with visualizations and verbal guidance through sensations, thoughts and feelings. She becomes a story teller while you are on the mat and the story she tells is all about you. Taking you into discomfort zone and making you face your limits and abilities.
Aliya believes in education of anatomy and physiology, the common sense of body safe movements. In self-education of own emotions, feelings and mental patterns.

Aliya travels around the world practicing and teaching Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Yin, Restorative Yoga, Budokon, Zen Yoga, dynamic and mindful meditations, Partner yoga. She developed her own beautiful Goddess Vinyasa Flow especially for women which helps to enjoy the flow with their own beauty. Aliya teaches with us at Island Yoga during seasons and her classes are on the most favorite of our clients. You can find Aliya teaching in UAE, Lebanon, Turkey, Thailand, Bali, Kazakhstan, Russia. Visit her website to learn about her work more

“ Hi Aliya,
We wanted to let you know that you gave one of the best yoga classes we ever had. You were funny, wise in your comments and we experienced new and challenging yoga poses. Thank you for that!
All the best!”
— Jeroen and Nienke, Koh Yao Noi Thailand

“Thank you Aliya for introducing me to yin Yoga. Practicing with Aliya is a very different experience physically and spiritually. Love her straight forward words and open heart. Amazing teacher, amazing person ”
— Payal Gori, Kampala Uganda

“Aliya is an amazing being who brings love, light, and so much knowledge into her teachings. Whether it is practicing Ashtanga, Yin, or meditation, I have grown tremendously because of her. She really knows how to open a space for her students to be explore different aspects of the practice and bring balance to your mind, body and soul. I had the honor to learn from her during my yoga teacher training and can’t wait until our paths cross again. If you have the opportunity to share your practice with her - do so!!”
— Isabel Restrepo, Mexico

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